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Civil Litigation

Our staff has guided numerous individual and business clients through the complicated maze of litigation. We seek aggressive solutions for our clients throughout the federal and state courts in Texas. With an attention to detail we work diligently to offer superior representation.

Insurance Defense

Dwyer Law firm has over 30 years of experience in all areas of insurance defense litigation. We have defended and tried almost every kind of tort case including those involving auto and truck accidents, products liability, premises liability, and construction accidents. (More information concerning our practice in these specific areas can be found by clicking each of those headings on the “Civil Litigation” page of this website.) Because of our small size, we can guarantee that all aspects of every case will be handled by an experienced lawyer. Our clients will receive top-quality legal representation for a very reasonable fee. We are also committed to full and timely compliance with all insurance company billing and reporting requirements. Client references are available upon request.

Commercial Litigation

The Dwyer Law Firm civil litigation practice includes the handling of almost any kind of business or commercial dispute, whether large or small. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving contract disputes, Uniform Commercial Code issues, business fraud claims, DTPA, consumer protection issues, and covenants not to compete. We specialize in offering honest case evaluations, practical legal advice, and cost-effective representation to our commercial litigation clients.

Transportation Litigation

The Dwyer Law Firm has defended trucking companies, both large and small, in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits arising from 18-wheeler accidents. Our firm has experience in dealing with accident reconstruction evidence and experts. We are also experienced in fighting discovery battles over company accident history and driver training documentation, and in dealing with issues of compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. We take an aggressive approach to defending truck accident cases, and are fully prepared to go to trial if a favorable settlement cannot be negotiated.

Products Liability

The Dwyer Law Firm has successfully defended manufacturers, retailers, and installers of various consumer products, home appliances, industrial machines, and vehicles in cases where such products are alleged to have caused accidents, fires, or personal injuries. We are familiar with all aspects of Texas products liability law, including recent changes in the law, and can provide analysis and evaluation of claims and defenses in this area. We have recently defended several companies in the trailer industry in rollover accident cases that involved allegations of defects in travel trailers, hitches, and sway control devices.

Premises Liability

We have experience in defending premises owners in personal injury lawsuits of all kinds, including claims for slip-and-fall accidents, claims of inadequate security, and other negligence claims. Our successful track record in this area includes cases such as:

  • A suit against a convenience store for a slip-and-fall accident caused by standing water on the floor.
  • A suit against a department store for a slip-and-fall accident caused by wet floor wax.
  • A suit against an apartment complex for the rape of one of its tenants.
  • A suit against a retail business for a falling display.
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